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Between the 1940s and the late 1970s, asbestos was widely used in a variety of residential and commercial construction projects across Australia. This material was low-cost and offered fire and electricity resistance as well as insulation.

When the installations deteriorated or were damaged, allowing the fibres to be released into the air, the material became a health hazard. Although asbestos was banned in Australia in 2003, it is still present in many older structures.



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What Makes Asbestos Dangerous?

Exposure to these minerals has the potential to cause serious respiratory problems like lung cancer or asbestosis. If you have asbestos installations on your residential or commercial property and plan to renovate, you must hire licensed professionals to remove and dispose of the asbestos.

Melbourne Asbestos Removal has a proven track record in the industry. We manage these projects safely and in accordance with set guidelines as an Australian Government Approved company. Asbestos removal, decontamination, and disposal are all handled by our team of asbestos removal experts.

You can rest assured that the project will be completed safely and efficiently. If you suspect your commercial or residential property contains asbestos, please contact us right away. Our licensed experts will remove these features from your site quickly and efficiently, and they can handle projects of any size or complexity.

Features Known to Contain Asbestos

As previously stated, asbestos is present in many older homes, as these minerals were used in almost all construction projects. The following are some characteristics that indicate the presence of asbestos:

  • Ceilings
  • Roofing \sFencing
  • Tiles for the floor
  • Siding
  • Dividers and walls

Asbestos Removal Recommendations From The Environmental Protection Agency

The 1970 Environmental Protection Act and the 1988 Environmental Protection (Prescribed Waste) Regulations govern the disposal of any asbestos waste, whether from a commercial or residential property. When commercial contractors handle the job, the EPA also has control over the transportation of asbestos waste.

Certain landfills in Melbourne have been designated by the EPA (Environmental Protection Authority) to receive asbestos. We remove asbestos-containing elements from your property, place them in special sealed bags, and dispose of them at these designated landfills. Here are some things to keep in mind when removing and disposing of asbestos:

  • If some asbestos-containing features on your property appear to be undamaged or unaffected, leave them alone. Asbestos removal attempts increase the risk of mineral fibres being released into the air.
  • You must contact us for asbestos removal if you have any damaged or deteriorated asbestos features on your property.
  • Our team will encapsulate the features in order to keep the fibers contained and prevent them from escaping into the air.
  • Encapsulation is only recommended if the features are in good shape and are not soft or crumbly.

If we notice that the features have deteriorated during the inspection, we will either cover or enclose the structures in sheets or sleeves.

Asbestos Disposal Recommendations From The Environmental Protection Agency

As previously stated, asbestos removal is governed by the EPA, and asbestos-containing products can only be disposed of at a certified waste treatment facility. You must not:

  • Any asbestos products should be disposed of at a local recycling center or landfill.
  • Dump asbestos products wherever you want.
  • Include an asbestos feature in your hard waste collection.

Dumping asbestos on private or public land is a violation of the Environmental Protection Act of 1970 and the Health Act of 1958.

Use the Services of an Asbestos Removal Company That Is Licensed

We are an asbestos removal company that has been approved by the Australian government and has a lot of experience. We can take care of any job, no matter how big or small. Asbestos Inspection and Testing, Asbestos and Hazmat Remediation, Strip Out and Small Demolitions, Excavation and Soil Removal, and Asbestos Removal and Abatement are just a few of the asbestos removal services we provide. We strictly adhere to the EPA’s asbestos removal and disposal guidelines. Our team is here to take care of every detail of the job quickly and efficiently.

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