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Asbestos Management Plan Melbourne

You don’t want your next-door neighbour’s asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) out of the blue flew to your house, do you? It’s something that’s possible to happen. Take a look at what happened in the neighbourhood around Ainslie shops. The ACMs migrated to the roof of nearby businesses.

The Canberra Times – Asbestos above Edgar’s at Ainslie shops appears to migrated …

An asbestos management plan (AMP) can keep your family safe

One of the solutions suggested by Greg Jones, Work Safety Commissioner, is by creating an AMP.

AMP includes procedures and written information related to identified or assumed ACMs. The purpose of an AMP is to set up a procedure if a deadly fibre is detected in the building. Its ultimate goal is to make sure that all individual within a property is safe from fibrous materials. The plan arranges actions and responsibilities of those in charge to reduce or eliminate dangers.

Having a scheme for managing this deadly fibre allows everyone within the building to be well-informed on fibrous products existence. It also helps people to know what to do to ensure the surrounding environment is safe and secure.

asbestos management plan Melbourne

A good AMP must:

  1. Assign a person in charge of deadly fibre-related incidents
  2. Contain decisions relating to the management of ACMs
  3. Detect the spot of commonly occurring fibrous materials
  4. Integrate strategies for fibre removal works
  5. Arrange a schedule for action, involving priorities
  6. Be audited periodically or when it is required to be audited
  7. Suggest how risks will be managed and controlled

By having the AMP, a person in charge of the building can establish a definite objective to make quick decisions that have to be carried out. Another important thing is that the plan must be readily accessible for all individual in the building, especially the property manager. Other detail that may be needed to be included is air monitoring procedures.

Why do you need an AMP?

Avoiding asbestos risk exposure is really important to Australians. As known by many, ACM is indicated as the deadliest health hazard. Inhaling fibres released by this dangerous material will risk your health. Sure everyone has been introduced to Mesothelioma and asbestosis. These two diseases have deteriorated the health of some Australians recently. For more information concerning the diseases related to harmful fibrous materials, you can click the link below.

ADSA – Asbestos Caused Diseases – What are they?

Those who have not been infected with an asbestos-related disease suffered from mental health issues because they know that they live with ACMs.

The mesothelioma center – Mental health Issues Plague Mr. Fluffy Homeowners

The use of ACMs for housing and commercial buildings was very massive in the mid to late 1980s. Unfortunately, this material is still attached to most of the constructions today, such as roofs, fences, or walls. As an example, fibro sheeting products are greatly used in the roof of many houses.

Actually, a fibrous material will not cause any danger when it’s left intact. However, if it’s damaged or deteriorated, fibres may become airborne and inhaled by people inside of the house and also the surrounding area.

The bad news is, if your house was built or renovated before 1990, you definitely need to have it tested. A small trace of ACMs in your house is enough to cause a serious hazard to the health of you and your family as well as your environment.

Testing your house will give you an assurance when you decide to renovate or sell your property. It will add some value to your property. If by any chance your home is contaminated by the fibre, you can take an immediate decision to remove it. Dealing with ACMs requires serious action.

When Do You Need an AMP?

Prior to developing an asbestos management Melbourne, you will need to start requesting for inspection or survey services. The survey of this toxic fibre includes a visual inspection of reachable areas of your home and sampling. Next, the sample will be taken to a lab. The test will be done in a NATA accredited laboratory. Then, all ACM in your house will be labeled.

If the presence of fibres is confirmed in your home, it is time for you to develop asbestos management plans.

You are entirely allowed to do the inspection yourself, however you need to make sure you know the safe steps to deal with this life-risking material.

Next, make sure you are well equipped with safe kits. The equipment required are:

  • Respirators
  • Gloves
  • Sealed bags
  • Shoes and shoe coverings
  • Mask
  • Goggles
  • Overall

asbestos management plan Melbourne - Asbestos equipment

Once you finished with the inspection, you need to get rid of all remnants of taken samples by placing them in sealed bag. The waste should not be put in a usual trash bin. You also have to dispose of all the equipment used during the work. The last step, clean yourself thoroughly.

Although DIY is permitted, still, the best and the wisest action will be hiring an assessor to do the job. The risk doesn’t equal to the money you save for doing it yourself. A small mistake, such as touching and accidental crushing, can end you with health hazards. Your life is at stake.

Hiring a reliable removalist

When you value your safety more, calling clear asbestos removal Melbourne is the best option. We endorse trusted local contractors that have passed a real selective test. They have undergone some hours of training and received certification for certain services, such as ACM testing and asbestos management plan Melbourne.

Get connected to Clear Asbestos Removal Melbourne to create a sound asbestos management plan Melbourne.

Rest assured our contractor members will provide you with a comprehensive control plan and a register. The register contains information you need, such as:

  1. Data about fibrous products at your premises. Including whether it is friable or non-friable.
  2. The condition of identified fibrous products
  3. Control measures to minimise or eliminate risks

When working with ACM, you might require various services, such as demolition, emergency repair, air monitoring, consultant and soil remediation. Every case needs special treatment. If you hire our endorsed contractors, you can request four services for handling ACM.

They are:

Our members hold a B-Class license, which authorises them to do the jobs mentioned above. They are also experienced in working with hazardous fibres in commercial and residential premises. Their expertise is a guarantee for a clean and safe result.

No need to be worried about the costs. All the prices offered are reasonable and in accordance with the service quality provided. Take all your worries away. Get free quotes now!

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