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News related to asbestos findings in residential places are now beginning to resurface. We have heard how people suffered from asbestosis, and some lost their lives. You don’t want the same case happening to you, do you?

What happened to Debby Sammut-Brown, Paul Pascoe and Gary Muir demands our awareness concerning the presence of asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) in our own home and environment.

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According to an estimate, around 1 in 3 houses built in Australia is contaminated with dangerous fibrous products. Hence, the house you own or the property you plan to buy has a huge possibility of having ACMs.

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Is your home asbestos-free?

There is no single doubt that fibrous material is extremely hazardous. It does not only risk the people who live with this deadly fibrous material but also the surrounding environment. So, it’s not only affecting you, but also the people and things around you.

If your residence was built:

  • before the mid-1980s, it’s highly likely to contain dangerous fibres
  • between the mid-1980s and 1990, it’s likely to be contaminated by fibrous materials
  • after 1990, it’s unlikely to contain fibrous materials

Check your building history for early indication of deadly fibre existence. It will give you an insight whether your house has fibrous materials or not.

A sad fact indeed if your house or the property you intend to buy was renovated or built between 1945 and 1987. Properties built around this era are mostly contaminated either by friable or non-friable fibres.

Friable (Class A) is categorized as fibrous material that can be crushed by hand. It is “SERIOUSLY HAZARDOUS”. The one who can do the removal for this type of ACM is a licensed assessor.

Non-friable (Class B) is a hard material and cannot be crushed by hand. This type of ACM can be tested using your DIY home sampling kits. The kits often include:

  • Disposable rubber gloves
  • Disposable plastic overalls
  • Safety boots
  • Certified P2 mask
  • Strong post bag
  • Spray water bottle
  • Snap lock bags
  • Duct tape
  • Pliers
  • Large screwdriver

Keep in mind: DIY kits are not always accurate. You can do more harm than good.

Continuous exposure to friable fibres can make you to develop lung cancers. Moreover, non-friable fibres can become friable when disturbed or damaged. Therefore, it’s really important to actually have an ACM inspection for your residential building or prospective property.

By getting your house tested, you are one step closer to ensure a safe living environment for you and your family, as well as your neighbor. Having initial information regarding the presence of ACMs in your property can also help you to protect the value of your asset.

The result of the test can give you a peace of mind since you can know whether you have dangerous fibrous products in your house. Once the findings state that your house is free from this life-threatening fibre, it will help you to reduce the cost of demolition or renovation.

Spots for any deadly fibrous materials in your home

This deadly material can be found in every corner of every house.

  • Living areas
  • ACM cement sheeting under heater hearths, insulation in wood heaters.
  • Bathroom, toilet and laundry
  • Lagging on hot water pipes, hot water pipes set into masonry walls, and ACM cement sheeting using in walls, roofing and floors
  • Kitchen
  • Hot water pipers set into masonry walls, vinyl floor tiles, and backing to cushion vinyl flooring
  • Backyard
  • Dog kennels, garden sheds, and garage and carports
  • Exterior
  • Imitation brick cladding, lining under eaves, flat, patterned and corrugated wall and roofing sheeting
  • Vehicles
  • Clutch linings, brake linings, and adhesive products


The hazardous material can’t be easily checked or observed by our naked eye. The existence of this harmful fibre can be confirmed only by laboratory tests. The laboratory testing involves observing the fibres using a polarised light microscope.

After the analysis, an assessor will deliver a report to you. The report will indicate types of asbestos-containing materials found in your property, such as:

  • Amosite (brown ACM)
  • Crocidolite (blue ACM)
  • Chrysotile (white ACM)

If there is no dangerous fibre detected in the sample, No Asbestos Detected (NAD) will appear in the report.

Note! The result of the test only declares whether the deadly fibres was present. It does not include a risk management. A risk management can only be done by an experienced consultant.

Why a removalist?

If the contaminated material happens to be a friable material, or if you even have a slightest doubt about how to collect the samples safely for asbestos testing, it would be best for you to call an expert. The handling of friable fibre requires a professional with license. By contacting an expert, you can immediately discuss the situation farther.

Only a professional removalists knows where and how to look for.

Even more, you are able to arrange for an inspection and get samples for ACM tests. You would also be needing a professional for other services related to harmful fibres, such as demolition, air monitoring, consultant, and soil remediation.

Why do you need Clear Asbestos Removal Melbourne?

It is because we are ready to help you get connected with trusted contractors. Our members are trusted local contractors who have followed long hours of training and obtained certification for removal and testing jobs in either commercial or residential area. 

Clear Asbestos Removal Melbourne helps you getting connected to trusted local contractors for asbestos removal services.

If you need early asbestos testing Melbourne services for your home because you feel unsure whether you can do safe and clean sampling, don’t hesitate to call our members.

Our asbestos testing Melbourne is ready to assist you with their four main services, including:

  • Asbestos Removal Melbourne
  • Asbestos Testing
  • Asbestos Roof Removal
  • Asbestos Management Plan

Our endorsed contractors have been chosen through a very selective process. They hold B-Class license that allows them to do asbestos testing in compliance with the local regulations.

When you do the inspection through our member, you will get a comprehensive ACM Inspection Reports that contain important information as follows:

  • Complete record of all the suspected areas where the dangerous fibres could possibly be found
  • Inclusive list explaining the condition of the suspected areas
  • Record of samples to be tested
  • A NATA approved lab test result
  • A management plan to handle harmful fibre findings
  • Service provider recommendation

You will be able to get the complete result within 24 hours after the inspection completes.

Once you get the result, our member will be able to help you to develop a sound management plan for your premises. They can provide a control plan and ACM register for deciding further steps you will have to take. The report is going to be very helpful to you in making priority for the removal project.

By getting in touch with our removalists, you can expect to get three free quotes from different contractors to assist you. Never be worried about the costs. You will get value prices for every service offered and a transparent financial scheme.

If you care about your family’s safety and health, why wait? You are dealing with hidden life-threatening materials. Call now! Get your home tested immediately with asbestos testing Melbourne services!

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