Do Asbestos Inspection Before Doing House Renovation

Do you plan to do a house renovation? There are several aspects that you must consider if you are about to carry out your house renovations. You surely do want your renovation plan to end up as a disaster for you, don’t you?


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To help you go through the process and to make sure that you make right decisions for the renovation plan, these are some tips that you can take into your consideration.


1. Recognise Your Choice

You need to know what kind or renovation that you want. Is it rebuild or renovate or knockdown? Knowing what kind of renovation you need will help you with the budget. Therefore, before start working on the project, make sure you are aware of the budget connected to your option.


2. Getting the Right Builder

Select the right builder for your renovation project. Choose the one with a good reputation that will give a full value product. Talk to a renovation-specialised builder. You have to know that renovating is completely different from a constructing a new home. Don’t forget! You need to find a builder that will give a completely everything, with expertise and care. You need to get a company that will release you from all the stress and tension of doing the renovation. One more thing. You have to make sure you get a fixed price contract and a guarantee related to the start and finish date.


3. Realising What to Seek in a Builder

Talk to everyone you know, colleagues or friends to ask for some recommendations regarding a builder that you require for your project. Get some information on the builders they worked with and whether they were satisfied with the outcome. Now, work on the information from your friends or colleagues. You can list some builders. Next, ask them for some references, then contact some of their past clients, like three or four of them. Try to ask them about their experiences working with those builders. If get more information related to the result of the builders’ work, ask them to show you their work first-hand.


4. What Do You Want?

Decide what do you want and what do you need. Try to look for some inspiration from websites, or magazines. Keeping a scrapbook will be a good idea for you. It will come in handy when you have chosen a builder. Your scrapbook will be extremely useful for the builder’s designers. Add a wish list items, so you get the exact result of the renovation.


5. Calculate Your Budget

It is probably the most important one to know how much you can need to spend for renovating your house. If you have enough financial for the project, try to set aside some funds for the unpredicted future expenses.


6. Quality Should Come First

When you need to buy some material, do not stint on the materials that you will need for quite a long time, for example, doors, windows, or roof. Be sure that you choose a quality for these items, so they will last for a long time. Also, spending more on the location where you spend your time mostly like living room areas or kitchen is also a good idea.


7. Inform Your Neighbours

According to the law, it is your council that will need to inform your neighbours, but you can inform them informally about your project to avoid any rejection from your neighbours due to the safety concern.


8. Familiarize Yourself with the Council Regulations

Get more information about the regulations from your council, especially if you plan to do DIY for your renovation project. If your renovation does not adhere the regulations, you can get a huge fine. The regulations are also applied to a builder you are engaged. There are many additions that need some approval from the council before you begin your work.


9. Do Asbestos Inspection

Why do you need an asbestos inspection? Asbestos-containing material (ACM) is a deadly substance and was installed in many older houses. If your house was built before the 1990s, having an asbestos inspection is really important. You need to identify any house parts that contain fibrous material.

You can choose the type of inspection that you need whether you just want to identify the fibrous material or you need also to include the testing. The inspection that includes testing will require an additional cost, but it is much better option. The testing will confirm whether your samples taken from your house contain fibrous material and the type of ACM found, is it chrysotile, amosite or crocidolite?

Asbestos inspection is also conducted to a soil. If your house is having asbestos cement installed or friable type of asbestos, the soil may be contaminated by asbestos during a demolition or removal of asbestos. It is crucial to assess the risk and form appropriate control measurements and also management plan if ACM is identified in the soil. The only way to confirm the presence of asbestos in soil is through asbestos soil testing.

For the inspection of testing of fibrous material, be sure to engage a licensed qualified removalist. There are many removalists that offer removal and testing, but make sure you engage the one that has a licence and certification as well as expertise for such works.

If you live in Melbourne, it will not be hard to find a removalist for the asbestos inspection Melbourne. Just browse. But, do not forget to select the best and experienced one as you are dealing with an extremely dangerous substance that can risk your health and your surrounding neighbours.

More info on what you need to know before renovating your house, you can check here.

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Do Asbestos Inspection Before Doing House Renovation

Do you plan to do a house renovation? There are several aspects that you must consider if you are about to carry out your house renovations. You...