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Q :
What does Clear Asbestos Removal Melbourne do?
We primarily serve our clients by providing a comprehensive resource of asbestos, including the latest news and information about it. We also deliver the solution for your asbestos problem by endorsing great B-class removalists in the greater Melbourne region.
Q :
How do I engage with your endorsed contractors?
You can simply visit their profile pages and use the contact details available. You can also request free quotations by using our "Request A Quote" form.
Q :
Why Do I get different a price from other customers?
The price is tailored differently because each removal job is unique and has different requirements to be fulfilled. We can ensure you that our endorsed contractors offer the best price for your asbestos project.
Q :
Have your endorsed contractors obtain a full license?
Yes. They have acquired a B-class license to conduct a complete removal for any type of non-friable asbestos containing material.

Who are we?

Clear Asbestos removal Melbourne is your one-stop resource to find reliable local asbestos removalists. Our endorsed removalists are ready to carry out any type of work regarding to non-friable asbestos removal and testing. We encourage our approved members to deliver a high-quality service at a reasonable price. Either it's a small or a big project; they can deliver a safe result in a timely manner.

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