Important Things to Consider Before You Plan a Renovation

Prices of a house are dramatically different. They depend on the location of the house. Before starting to plan a renovation project that will increase the value of your house, calculate how much your home will sell for on the recent market. What is important for comparison purposes are current sold prices of the same houses nearby.



Another option is asking an estate agent for a free valuation of your home at present and get some advice concerning the potential value if your house had a new kitchen or an extra bedroom. It is also recommended for you to check out new-build show houses to see what is on offer regarding interior design and features, appliances, use of space and technology.

If you need some advice for your renovation planning, read the following hints from Housebeautiful.


Where to Enhance

Look around your house, and then determine the areas that would get the most benefit from the improvement and decide how much you are prepared to spend. Begin investigating costs. However, do not make any fixed decisions till you have got quotes from some experts.


Who Will Purchase Your Home?

Examine your surroundings. If you renovate a house with two-bed rooms into the one with three or four bedrooms, in the catchment area of great schools, will be more useful rather than taking on the same improvements in an area that it’s local school doesn’t have a good reputation.

Also, consider the type of people who might purchase in your neighbourhood. Find out what they are probably looking for and what may displease them. An extra playroom or bedroom will be a good an appropriate investment in a community popular with families, but it won’t be suitable if you add a gym or garden pond. Families with babies and children usually want baths instead of a shower, so fixing one in the bedroom will not be a good idea. Then inspect your house objectively, is there something that you do not have that other neighbouring houses already have?


Inspect the House Material

With the many campaigns about the danger of asbestos, many people now have a high awareness about this dangerous material. So, if your house contains asbestos, although you add extra interesting things to your house, people will not be interested in buying. So, instead of wasting your money for doing improvement, you are recommended to hire a qualified removalist soon to perform asbestos testing or asbestos removal. By removing the asbestos, you can sell your house faster.


A living Space for Right Now

Consider to at least have one extraordinary room that makes your house catch the eye from the crowd. For instance, an open-plan dining, kitchen or living area is within to the top of most of the wish-lists. However, you will have to think not only about new open-plan space, if having this means the current sitting room is not used for most of the week, but also about giving the new purpose of the existing sitting room. Is it possible for you to change it into a guest room, a snug, a study room, or a hobby hang-out?

Make good use of all opportunities. For example, if you are making a new kitchen, try to consider what other additional things that suit the extra space. It will not make a big expense in the scheme of things if you add a porch or utility room. Instead, it can add value.


It’s All About Balance

Will the final result mean an unequal balance in the bathrooms and bedrooms ratio or the size of the house in opposition to the size of the garden?

To undertake improvements reflecting the value of the property as it is now is also a good practice. To put a low-priced kitchen in an expensive home is really a mistake just like putting a very expensive kitchen in a plainly priced house.

Also, keep in mind that improvement like an eminent conversion can put your house in a higher price bracket in the real estate market. For instance, if you get a house with three beds and one bath to a house with four beds and two baths, this open up entire new marketing opportunities.

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